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However, I was about to meet two people who would change my What if you went to sleep tonight and woke up tomorrow a hundred and thirteen years from now? Well, I have been thinking about time and how quickly it Jospeh Baker B. Keenan Prize in Philosophy. Baker was one of two students who took part in Prof.

MacIsaac's extended directed studies on Plato, in his final two years in the B. Despite the papers, studying, and exams, it still feels like Christmas at Carleton. Maybe it was the snow on the ground that first got me in the mood to hum carols, or maybe it was simply the mounting adrenaline in my veins that clued me in to my upcoming deadlines.

As I have progressed The topic was "Does a little shame go a long Faculty and former students caught up with each other at an informal pub-night and a gala dinner, and seven alumni turned the tables on their former professors by giving a Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind. Professor MacIsaac ventured outside the confines of Face Yourself There will come a day when you look in the mirror and you will not recognize yourself. Embrace that moment. It exists for a reason.

University is a place of transition. However, this does not mean that there is no hope of stability or security while you stay.

In university, you learn In fact, for many people the courtesy of giving thanks was ingrained in them since childhood, but we are not generally taught to thank a place. I suppose the logic is that a place cannot understand or comprehend us. A place Learning life lessons in the College of Humanities Sometimes it feels like society is just waiting for us to become who we were meant to be — every step we take is just part of something bigger.

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What if the present is all Full FASS news article here. January 29, Applying knowledge to your life I spent my Christmas break at home in Ottawa with my immediate family, and besides several cameos made by my friends, my holiday was quiet. However, in the past it has not been as tranquil. I am thinking specifically of my first Christmas after I had What they want are basic but difficult-to-acquire skills. The time comes to think about your future. You start to look for jobs only to find out that an undergraduate degree is just the basic requirement.

Wait, most of them are gone because they were never permanent employees anyway. Or out of the people in the class, they could only talk to 10 students after class and, honestly, you gave up. The hunt begins and you finally find a professor who may have answered a couple questions about your essay mark. She is hesitant, but gives in to the desperation in your voice. In the current discussion concerning enrolment numbers in Ontario and the consequent budget cutbacks in universities across the province, the victims of university deficits are not highlighted.

Students across the province are fed up with courses not being offered, part-time faculty being cut and many front-line services reducing hours.

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Parents become scared, and by scared I mean they call and harass high school guidance departments. Guidance councillors then fill students with fear and angst about their futures. Sixteen-year olds must pick if they want to enter university, college or apprenticeship programs and if they want to pursue science, math, humanities or social sciences. Education turns into a commodity. Enter university. With the demand for post-secondary education in this province, Ontario universities have no space left for students.

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Because of their budget deficits, they are cutting sessionals and part-time instructors, the ones who actually teach at the undergraduate level. How can professors be prepared for younger students coming out of high school who are maybe not as prepared as they should be?

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Where is the balance between research and teaching and learning? Enter the provincial government. Funding for post- secondary education in Ontario has been a priority of the Liberals and has been greatly appreciated.

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Ontario universities are bursting at their seams and the quality of the student experience is being compromised at every level. The government wants to tackle poverty in Ontario.

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How can those high school students who come from low-income homes think about any form of post-secondary education when they have to drop out and start working to pay rent or put food on the table to help out their parents? There are groups within our institutions and in the province that recognize these challenges.

There are student groups out there providing educated solutions to the government. They write submissions day and night pleading for them to fix the system. The provincial and federal governments need to come together with institutions, student groups and faculty associations and find a pan- Canadian solution to education to ensure the quality, accessibility, affordability and accountability of the entire sector.