Essay the cask of amontillado

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The Cask Of Amontillado Essay

We will certainly be working towards your writing goals. When you are not sure about your assignment and want to get qualified assistance — send us those details you have and our professional Customer Support Department will help you to get a free quote. It is equally unredressed when the avenger fails to make himself as such to him who has done the wrong. According to this revenge has to has two qualities.

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This means the act of revenge has to be unredressed. Second the person who gets punished has to know who punishes him. The avenger has to reveal himself.

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The first paragraph contains an additional idea of revenge. Montresor says that he would be avenged at length. He wants to plan his deed carefully.

Figurative/symbolic expressions

He really seems to enjoy the planning of the revenge. For him vengeance is not only an act of low instincts, but an intellectual challenge 5.

The Cask of Amontillado

While Montresor leads Fortunato through the vaults of his palazzo he makes some indications. Not only his words but also his action reveal his intentions. But the reader who knows about the evil plan realizes these indications. On page 6 Montresor puts on a mask and draws his roquelaire closely about his person. By doing so he makes sure that nobody can see him together with Fortunato in the last night of his existance.

At the bottom of the same side 7 the two friends descend into the cavern. I shall not die of a cough.

The most obvious indication is at the bottom of page Here Fortunato asks his friend about the coat of arms of his family. He replies that it was a huge human foot that crushes a serpent rampant whose fangs are imbedded in the heel. This picture is an allegory of the relation between the two friends and of the future of this friendship. The foot is a symbol for Montresor and the snake stands for Fortunato: Montresor will destroy his friend who has betrayed him like the snake in the bible has betrayad Adam and Eve. The fact that the snake bites the foot shows that Fortunato has hurt his friend.

This motto of the Montresors could also be the motto of the whole story. Transferred into English this could mean: from the grave.

Cask of Amontillado

At the end of the tale Fortunato gets immured by Montresor. The revenge seems to be a complete success because Montresor has destroyed his enemy. Montresor says that the avenger has to be unpunished. But the fact that he tells this story shows that he still has to think about this. Were looking for any clues about the death of Fortunato who dissapeared during the carnival season, my name is Alexander but you can call me alex for short.

The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe - Summary & Analysis

Hello Alex I heard they never found a body in that case but could I know why you are at my doorstep telling me all of this. Alex replies saying "well we heard from a certain eyewitness that you bribed Fortunato into tasting a wine of yours, a southern amontillado was it? I shut the door and am sweating a bit, Im not sure if they will identify Fortunato's rotting bones down in the crypts but just to make sure I will make the long journy to check. Its still musty as ever down here and creepy, I cough some as all the nitre is getting in my lungs. It is like I am the foot who crushed the snake that was Fortunato.

But my laugh against the echoing walls seems distant and empty and I feel a painfull sting in my heart. I walk down to the small crypt I had walled Fortunato in and romove a stone from the wall and were i see something in the corner of my eye. There is a bucket of gasoline and mathes right next to the wall and I see and I see a sure fire way to make sure the police does not catch me.

I kick the gasoline bucket and it spills and covers the floor of the whole crypt. When I peek inside I hear scurrying and see large rats run out of something, I look closer and realise they are burrowing inside of Fortunato's dead corpse and feel nauseated and pass out. When I wake up im in the crypt and have a huge gash on the back of my head where I fell on it I quickly shove the stone back in place and return up to my mansion.

I get in to bed and get mentally prepared for when the police are coming tommorow. When I wake up I hear the loud barks of dog soutside and open the door to greet a dozen policemen and detectives and two large hounds. I allow them to come in and let them search the mansion for a hour until I ask the policemen how much longer it will take.

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