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We will call you back in 15 minutes! It starts by explaining the contribution of the construction industry in India, thus explaining the significance of the research. It then goes on to give evidence of the problems in the industry.

India is regarded as a developing country that is moving forward at a fast pace. But the construction industry in India is growing at a faster rate than the short-term economic growth Sen, This trajectory growth in the industry is beneficial for the country because being a developing country, infrastructural development is very important to fuel growth. Every Rupee invested in the industry brings about a parallel increase of about Rs.

This is much higher when compared to Rs. Statistics show that compared to other sectors, this sector creates an increase of 4. Over the next years, it is estimated that Rs. Talking in the accounting sense, construction adds to total output and wealth, as it helps the production processes. The construction industry also provides employment at a large scale. The industry employs 32 million people, spread over skilled and unskilled labor empulse global, It is one of the main sources of employment for people migrating from rural areas to the urban areas in search of employment Greenwood, Infrastructure capital has a noteworthy linkage with economic growth Shioji, On investigating the relation between construction and other economic sectors for Singapore, a bi-lateral relationship was found between construction activities and GDP Lean, Though being an important element of the world economy, the majority of the projects fail.

The projects get delayed and cross their budget very often, and India is not an exception for the same.

Out of 49 public sector projects in , 13 got delayed by more than 2 years; 10 by years; 13 by years and 8 by 5 years or more. Such delays cause consequent cost overruns. Apart from that, out of central sector projects exceeded the scheduled time by months Chandramouli, Such factors cause delays and cost overruns in construction projects throughout the country, because of which the firms bear losses or lose a major chunk of their profits.

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This study aims to examine the factors that cause delays and cost overruns in the construction projects in India. Do the barriers identified in the project management literature for construction industries hold true in Indian context? CHAPTER 1: The first chapter gives an introduction to the topic, background of the industry and states the research aims and the research question.

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The reading for the literature review was directed by the research question. To set the context, first the concepts of project and project management are discussed before moving on to look at what is already known, in both general and specific literature, regarding the research topic, thus bringing forward the factors responsible for delays and cost overruns in construction projects. CHAPTER 3: This chapter states the philosophy, approach, strategy and data collection methods used by the researcher and gives an insight about how the research was conducted.

It also analyses the findings by talking about the differences in the opinions of the respondents and comparing the findings to the literature, so as to confirm, extend or contradict it. It also answers the research question, keeping in mind both the literature reviewed and the findings from the primary research.

It also discusses the limitations and constraints that the researcher had to work under and also the potentials of the study. Based on the research objectives identified in the earlier chapter, this chapter reviews the previous studies and the research done in the field of project management by identifying the factors affecting delays in the construction industry.

It discusses the basic concepts of a project and project management, moving forward to the models for assessing a project and carrying out the process of completing a project, thus forming a framework for the factors that cause delays in the Indian construction industry.

Most of the research work included in the literature is also based on other South Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, etc and also some middle-eastern countries, as their findings also apply in the Indian context. The literature review highlights the research work already done in this field, explaining the key factors in detail.

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This is an important element of the dissertation as it is the first step towards identifying the problems that the firms engaged in construction activities face in India. A project can be anything, from parties to fund drives to construction projects to military projects. There are some attributes that characterize a project.

A project must hold importance in the eyes of the management, so that they assign the project to someone who is capable of handling the project and the team.

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A project should be one that can be divided into a well-defined set of desired end results, for which it will have to be broken down into subtasks that are coordinated and controlled by the project manager. Also, projects should have a life cycle. There has to be a set of stages that define the process of a project, which are selection, planning, controlling, implementation, evaluation and termination.

Another attribute in a project are resources. Projects have a limited set of resources, which include both financial resources and human resources. The projects have to be completed within the scope of the resources that are available, and this is always pre-determined.

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Projects need to be completed and delivered under predetermined constraints. These constraints are time, wherein the project is supposed to be completed and delivered within a predetermined period of time; cost, as a budget for the project is predetermined within which the project manager has to carry out all the activities; and performance, which can be dubbed as the quality of the finished project Minkiewicz, To achieve this goal of accomplishing a project, the authority and responsibility is focused on the project manager.

They are required to coordinate and integrate all the tasks to achieve the goal of the project Fisher, An effective project manager should not only show concern for the people around, but should also have effective interpersonal skills Fisher, The project manager should motivate the team to work towards the common goal Thamhain, , making the team willing to coordinate with trust Kadefors,