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Check your total price. Add extra features if your homework needs a special touch. So you say that chocolate contains cocoa beans? What else does chocolate have? Lets see, chocolate contains the natural ingredients cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin, and… Vanilla! Vanilla is needed to create your chocolate and give it more taste! Not only can it go on everything, but most of your desserts and other foods require vanilla to be able to enhance more flavor. Without vanilla many foods would be tasteless!

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Manufacturers have been altering the amounts of the ingredients they put in white chocolate, so you may have tried some of their false chocolate. They have also been substituting some ingredients like cocoa utter for vegetable oil or some other fats, to reduce their expenses to the slightest, and produce extra, forgetting to care about the richness of their products. This means, kids are better off drinking flavored milk like chocolate milk or other type of flavored milk.

These are only some reasons why kids can get their 3 daily servings from flavored milk. Critics may say, Chocolate milk has a lot of sugar because of the chocolate in it. Well actually, chocolate milk is just as healthy as white milk. We all have different opinions. I think they should because, kids love it. That is only some of the things critics may say.

Now that you learned all about chocolate milk, you may consider keeping it in schools. My 3 reasons were, 1. They get the same nutrients. They have different options. And 3.

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Kids can get all their daily servings. That is why I said chocolate milk should be in schools. EatSmart, nutrition. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails.

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