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Luckily, I got it just in time. In addition to holding ourselves to a high level of standard, the nursing profession needs to keep in alignment with other health care professionals. For example, physicians, pharmacist, physical therapists, and occupational therapists are all Doctoral prepared.

If we as a profession want to maintain a high level of professional discussion we must adopt higher educational standards for ourselves. I wish to become a driving force for the level and direction of nursing. It is my desire and my plan to immediately begin my masters once my undergraduate degree is completed. Academic Expectations for a B. When first starting on the path to obtaining my undergraduate degree I felt this was just something that needed to be completed in order to open doors to additional career opportunities and to gain acceptance to advanced professional certifications.

However, with each semester completed I gained a better appreciation for how the academic program was structured; each course not only taught me valuable information but also has prepared me for beginning a graduate level program. Over the past two years at Empire State I have noticed a change in myself; with a greater depth of thinking which I believe others can see as well.

After successfully completing my boards in both Canada and the United States I began working in critical care in Jackson, Mississippi. While working and gaining experience I sought out continuing education for myself. The one major goal I had not achieved was obtaining an advanced degree in the field of nursing. Returning to academics and working toward this life goal gives me an overwhelming sense of gratification; I am excited to be nearing the completion of my degree.

Empire State College offered me a way to learn which enabled me to form my own ideas and theories. Through my course work I could feel myself growing, developing new ways to work through problems, articulate ideas, give and receive criticism.

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The faculty supported and guided my learning by helping view issues from various perspectives; they also encouraged the development and use of various tools for both patient assessment and problem analysis. As I have progressed throughout this program I have seen improved critical thinking ability, which I apply to my current practice. For example when faced with a problem in the past I would rely on my own common sense and the guidance from others.

Now I routinely encounter issues and have the knowledge to utilize the tools available to professionals in healthcare; Cinahl and Medline are just two of the data bases available to research best practice and current evidence on a wide variety of issues. Studying at Empire State has given me the confidence and competence to delve into topics that in the past I would have relied on others to guide me. Degree Plan for B.

Thanks to the help and guidance of my mentor Doctor Kaufmann, who throughout this process acted as a sounding board and helped me navigate through the numerous course selections available to choose from. My mentor helped me decide on the courses which would be most in line with future goals. Nursing Rationale Essay Samples Student Name and Mentor Name 12 I was coming into this program with a significant amount of practical experience and training. The program started with Educational Planning: Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing, course which helped me become comfortable with academic format, research, and exploring what it means to obtain and practice professionally at various levels of education.

After my first semester I had a strong foundation from which to begin the journey toward my degree. With each passing semester I continued to build upon both clinical and health systems concepts. The Professional Issues in Nursing helped me further understand concepts and develop ideas into current challenges which face nursing; past, present and future. One of the more intimidating courses for me was Statistics but I wanted to become more proficient in understanding how research studies were performed and what the true implications of results mean.

Many of my courses expanded my general knowledge base. Spanish for Health Care Professionals gave me tools to help better communicate with patients who come to the Emergency Department; the ability to help provide reassurance and basic information makes a great difference in the lives of individuals who are under enormous stress already.

Other courses such as History of American Medicine, Topics in World History, and American Literature; though not essential to my profession they did give me valuable information in history and literature. More importantly these courses exercised my ability to research various topics and to write related research papers.

Nursing Informatics taken in spring ties into our modern practice and explores the various changes that have occurred and the direction technology in health care systems is going in the future. Courses like Pharmacology and Advanced Nursing Physiology have pushed me to develop my clinical understanding, while learning that keeping current with research is critical to using evidence based practice.

Improved patient outcomes are not an accident; it requires constant vigilance to remain current. While one of my last courses Community Health Nursing challenged and broadened my understanding of the care and social structure in place to support our population. The first of which will give me an opportunity to work with a higher level hospital administrator. This will help me delve more deeply into the structure and function of a health care facility.

Also my Case Management class will allow me to research the role these nurses play in patient care throughout the duration from the diagnosis to recovery. Patients need a support system in order to be discharged safely and to minimize hospital length of stay.

I began looking for a program that would be flexible to both my family and work schedules. Attending this program gave me an opportunity to advance my education and professional practice I may not have undertaken otherwise. As a child, it had been my dream to become a nurse because it represented service to mankind. Nevertheless, circumstances in my life led me to an educational path in Applied Physics and Engineering instead.

After spending more than a decade in the corporate world, I still heard my calling for nursing. It is my goal to understand some of the complex processes involved in coping with disease and grief, and also to find pathways to becoming a better human being through service. I believe that we are lifelong learners, destined to find meaning in life.

As a novice nurse, I felt compelled to continue my learning journey through a baccalaureate program. I chose Empire State College because it provided me with much needed flexibility.

So far my expectations have been met, if not exceeded, since I joined the program. The RN-to-BSN program provided the mechanism to transform past experiences and learning towards enriching my life and my practice. It is my goal to share these with my colleagues in creating a better world. Why B. There is a huge leap between competent level nursing and the proficient and expert levels.

A proficient or expert nurse who has gained substantial knowledge through years of clinical experience has a rich basis on which to interpret new situations. As a novice nurse, my exposure to situations is limited to my clinical setting.

Having a rich source of ideas and thoughts Nursing Rationale Essay Samples Student Name and Mentor Name 16 through an online learning group can provide a multifaceted view of the world different from my own setting. These experiences, while difficult to put into words or explicit guidelines, can be shared in a community of practitioners in terms of stories shared in discussion groups. This sharing can capture multiple experiences and knowledge that can enrich the context of learning. The Dreyfus model assumes that with experience and mastery the skill is transformed Brenner, Based on this model, I am a novice-to-competent nurse, given a year and a half of nursing practice.

Hence, my performance tends to be governed by rules and guidelines of the nursing practice. I believe that with experience and mastery of skill, these rules will become part of my unconscious.